Nomhop is a global foodies community that will take your dining experience to the next level. It doesn’t matter where you are - your own city or travelling - you can taste new amazing meals and meet interesting people in a unique urban dinning adventure (check out how it works page for more information).

Imagine yourself cooking a meal in exchange to someone else cooking one for you. We believe it is more fun this way and this also exposes the best side of dining experience – joy of cooking and eating out while also embracing new and unexpected in an exciting social setting.

To participate in Nomhop events you need to love good food, be willing to cook it and be open to meeting fellow foodies. If that sounds like you, join the community and try any of our dining events on nomhop.com, where you can also organize dining events for your friends, colleagues or other community members. And one more amazing fact - you do not even need a kitchen to take part in Nomhop events which means you can join events while you are traveling!

Join your next tasty adventure!

If you would like to contact us - email to team@nomhop.com