How much does it cost to participate in Nomhop event?

What if I don't have a partner to form a team in a open event?

My kitchen is very small. What should I do?

What should I do if I have a child or children at home, should I join?

I am attending public event and strangers will be coming to my house. Can I trust them?

What should I do if I want Nomhop event for my organization or community?

Before the event

What if I registered a friend and they cannot attend anymore?

What if I don't know how to cook?

Should I bring something for my hosts?

How much meal preparation time do I have?

Is there a dress code?

During the event

What is nomhop rule number one?

What if I get lost?

How do I get around between the meals?

If you have other questions or feedback please write us on support@nomhop.com