Singles Running Dinner Vilnius | 22-35y | 1 ticket left (1 guys / 0 ladies)

Icn search place Vilnius, Lithuania Icn search date 2019-04-27

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Event plan

You can still register to a waiting list, so that if somebody cancels or enough new teams join until the event starts - you will have an opportunity to participate


Running Dinner for singles is a great chance to have nice meals and to meet amazing people in Vilnius. NOTE: event age range 22-35y. Limited tickets available.

It is really an unforgettable Nordic style social dining experience you will definitely enjoy. Register early as participants will be on first-come-first-served basis (make sure you completed registration process with a payment). Also better tickets deals before April 20th. Registration will be closing on April 25th (Thursday) or earlier!

We will be also ensuring gender balance and other matching criteria (e.g. kitchens required for normal event flow) are met, hence registration may put on-hold/closed earlier than date indicated above. We will be confirming the registrations couple days before the event, if you didn’t manage for this one – don't worry we will be organizing more of such events (just make sure you register early for next one).

If you have questions contact us (also and - need to register first). Additional event information provided below.

Sharing meal experiences is a perfect icebreaker. So you won’t need to feel uncomfortable or awkward. Just go with a flow and enjoy easy and lay-back experience of great meals and meeting some of the most amazing single people of Vilnius.

Important information

- The evening flow is the same as of the usual running dinner ( its just that the event is dedicated to singles. You can register either alone or with a friend (who is also single).
- Event organizers will ensure smooth flow of the event (just follow relevant information via Nomhop app).
- Eventually all the participants will meet in an after-party for a drink or two (the place will be provided before the event).

Event pricing

Single registration without kitchen. Consider registering your kitchen to have better chances of participation.

If you will decide to add more people to your team - you will need to pay for additional members.

If you don't have a third member for the team, but want to have more help in the kitchen - allow one more person to join your team. It's also cheaper.

If you want to get a better price - you can set your team as accepting 1 extra person. If not - that is totally fine, a couple user team is sufficient to have a great event.